Linocut Prints

Limited edition original linocut prints are available to purchase with FREE postage and packaging via PayPal, within the UK only. Please read the terms & conditions relating to payment, delivery and returns, before placing an order.

Title: Hare Hug
E.V (Edition Varied): 30
Size: 13cm x 17cm (approx)
Paper: Somerset Satin 250gsm

Title: The Nestling
Limited Edition: 10
Size: 19/20cm x 19/20cm
Paper: Somerset Satin 250gsm

Title: Cat Love
Limited Edition: 25
Size: 14.7cm x 14.7cm
Paper: Somerset Satin 250gsm

Title: Winter Lullaby
Limited Edition: 100
Size: 14.7cm x 15cm
Paper: Somerset Satin 250gsm

Title: Fox Dreaming
Limited Edition: 10
Size: 14.7cm x 20cm
Paper: Somerset Satin 250gsm

Title: Star Hare
Limited Edition: 50
Size: 10.2cm x 15.2cm
Paper: Somerset Satin 250gsm

Limited Edition Prints

These prints are not digital reproductions but printed by hand and by press. Due to their handmade production, each one will vary from another in small ways and nuances. The print you receive will show slight variations from the image shown on this website due to the nature of the inks, materials and equipment used. Each image is printed by hand, by the artist, and will therefore be an original print in its own right.

Printed on quality acid free printmaking paper, using professional printing inks, all prints have an area/border of plain paper of varying size around them to allow for mounting and framing.

Each limited edition original print comes titled, with the artist’s signature mark and edition number. All prints are supplied unmounted and unframed.

Payment, Delivery & Returns

Terms & Conditions