Dannie Z Alexander BA (Hons)
Printmaker · Artist · Illustrator

I graduated from the University of Central England, Birmingham in 1992 with an honours degree in Graphic Design and now live in a beautiful rural part of the Cotswolds with my husband and obligatory 'printmaker's cat'.

After leaving university I took an unexpected pathway and began to work with stained glass, making and selling my work from my small business in Warwickshire. I went on to open a small shop/gallery in the Cotswolds for a few years, where I sold my art and glasswork; most of which now resides in homes throughout the UK and abroad.

As an artist I have always loved the 'process' involved. I like the blurring of the line between the art and the crafting of the art, and I enjoy handling the tools and equipment as much as I do the materials; the inks, paints and pigments. Several processes are explained on my printmaking techniques page.

Some years ago I was fortunate to be gifted a pre-loved printing press and associated equipment and my work found new expression as I diversified into the field of printmaking. For me it was the perfect marriage between process and image creation, all of my favourite things merging together and with so many possibilities. Printmaking was to become the new and engaging passion in my creative life.

My work, quite often illustrative in its approach, is undoubtedly influenced by folklore and myth, by old remembered stories, by dreams, the countryside; its natural inhabitants and its quietly secret ways that resonate with so many of us.

Dannie Z Alexander

"Captivating printmaking work from Dannie Z Alexander who was part of our March 2019 feature: 'Inspirational Art from 10 of the Best Unconventional Artists'."

Ingrid Nicholas, Editor of Art Share Love Magazine


Robert Horne Student Award
National Business Calendar Awards 1991
British Printing Industries Federation
Certificate of Merit

John Sewell Fine Art Limited
Annual Bursary 1992
First Prize